In December 2012 we decided to launch a new networking organisation which would actually give the members what they were looking for without all of the restraints of a large organisation.

There are many networking groups but members do not always like, or need, the structure that is often in place.

Of course some elements of a networking meeting should not be altered so we have mixed the old with the new. Referral sessions are things of the past and members are expected to do business with each other as and when they can.

Too many networking organisations put pressure on their members to produce referrals each week, bring new guests each week etc. Take away that pressure and business referrals just seem to happen and if the group is working then people will want to attend and introduce potential new members.

The meetings should not just be about generating referrals but be about building long term relationships with other businesses that will still be working in years to come. The old phrase of “it’s not what you know but who you know” is very true of a good networking organisation.

But don’t take our word for it – come along to a meeting and see for yourself!


They all have over 19 years of networking experience and come from totally different backgrounds thus giving different outlooks and ideas on Business and life.

Alastair ran seven BRX (BRE) networking groups based in North London for over 6 years and enjoyed loyalty and success from the members.

Robert and Nigel have both been members of various networking groups for over 18 years and are consummate networkers themselves and have held various posts within the groups they have attended.

Alastair has been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years now and has “The Telecom Consultancy” based in Welham Green.

Robert is a “creative” accountant and specialises in the entertainment industry. He is a partner in Green & Peter Chartered Accountants in Whetstone.

Nigel is a software developer for all sizes of companies and projects and runs his own company, Bluebird Software.


The name of the venue could not be more fitting for a networking organisation. We should all “Seize the day” every day. We are grateful for the owner, Michael, who has committed to our groups and serves a wonderful breakfast.

The venue address is: 1376 Whetstone High Road, London N20 9BH


There is a meeting every Tuesday throughout the year. There are now 2 groups with a 3rd launching in 2018 and they meet on alternate Tuesdays at 7.15am.

There is a meeting fee of £10 which includes beverages and a full breakfast. There is a Non-members fee of £15.

There is an annual joining fee of £90 which includes a listing on the website.

The big breakfast is a meeting of all members with guest speakers and plenty of networking opportunities. The fee for the big breakfast is Members £15 and Non-members £20.

Small is beautiful and each group is restricted to 25 members.