I have been a member of Business Matters Network for almost a year now and have been so impressed with the friendliness of the group and the very supportive nature within the members. I really like the informal and relaxed style and the emphasis is very much on making good connections and contacts and genuinely helping fellow business people, either through recommending their services or just exchanging advice and tips. Great breakfast (and coffee) at Carpe Diem too, definitely worth dragging myself out of bed for!

Mike Sebbage (We Get Digital) March 2015

I have been a member of BM Networking for 1 year and can honestly state that this is defiantly the way that networking meetings should be conducted. As a member we are not required to pass pieces of paper or any of the other rules that the majority of networking groups insist that the members obey. At BM Networking we are treated as serious business men and women and in the year that I have been a member I have been passed some very good referrals that have led to tangible business. I have just renewed my membership for 2015 and advise any one in business to come along and see why BM Networking is leading the way.

David Baum (Deanem Collections) said about Business Matters Networking December 2014

I have found the Business Matters Network a pleasure to join. There is no pressure as with some networking groups to continually provide referrals for each other, but these come readily purely by being known within the group. I have only been a member for a few weeks and already business opportunities are coming my way, but importantly I am also finding opportunities for other businesses within the group too. The name of the group says it all. We are a group of businesses there to help and support each other. it’s a very friendly group too and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Roger Bourden (The Ruby Marketers) August 2014

We started BMNetworking as an affordable and more informal way for businesses to network without all the red tape. Since we started, the group grew steadily in year one and after 9 months we had to start a second group to accomadate all the members who wished to join. The second group is now full with a third and possible fourth in the pipeline. We feel it works due to the dedication and willingness of the members to get to know each other properly and to then promote each other actively in the day to day running of their businesses. personallyi have generated some good quality business from the group and am always looking to pass referrals where possible. We try to make the meetings informal but with a strong bias on generating business for each other without having to fill in slips etc. Training and guest speakers will become more as time goes on and a popular meeting is helping a member with a business problem that we all brainstorm and come up with ideas to help them. Watch this space as they say!

Alastair Miller The (Telecom Consultancy & Co-Founder of BMN) July 2014

This is the fastest growing Group I have been with. For me Networking is not only about Promoting Your Business but also about meeting new Business contacts that you are able to do business with yourself and also with confidence being able to recommend them to other clients. The meetings leave you brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for your day not forgetting leaving you well satisfied from the fabulous breakfast provided by Carpe Diem. From my meeting today I was able to pass information to two members and, from information received, I was able to make money for Jane Thorne Residential. Need I say more.

Jane Thorne (Jane Thorne Residential) July 2014

Good friendly networking group, treats business owners as adults (unlike other groups), and a fantastic group of people who can look out for opportunities for you. Also great Coffee and Food provided by our hosts Carpe Diem.

Gavin Evans (Expert IT) July 2014

Starting my own business last year after 28 years working for big corporates was a bit scary, albeit the best the thing I have ever done! But the having the support of the people in Business Matters has been amazing. They are a great bunch of people who have helped, advised and supported me as a new business owner and I am very grateful.

Juliette Harding (Tulips De-Cluttering Services) July 2014